Coaches share the food to all children. 
He was train children to practice meditate to save energy of physique and have the presence of mind

We are appreciate to coach for his mindfulness to support children alive in cave and Wait for help from The Rescue Team.

This is one of the people who have been praised by the society for coach. His name is " Mr. Ekachai Chanvong" 25-year-old, a major leader who teaches how to survive and live in the cave. The children can survive safely for up to 10 days, saying that from the consciousness of the coaches. This makes many people want to know more about this coach.

His biography, His full name is "Eakaphong Chanthawong " before to become coach of a youth football team , has been ordained a novice since 12 years old to 20 years old.

When he lives in temple, He always practice meditate in the cave.The method of practice derived from Phra Kru Sipiput ke.

Even the coaches have worn ordain about 5 years, He still to meet monks and talk about his job and his adventure.

PHRA SIAM pray and hope to everyone safe.

5 July 2018