We hope that this new feature will catch our foreign customers’ fancy — now they can easily and instantly pay for the selected items with no need to exchange national currency and taking up extra fees.

Moreover, cryptocurrency payments are made on the blockchain, which means that they are decentralized and secure. Making transaction with digital currency, customers can be sure that their assets and ID are protected.



Go on talking about safety, we should mention that while choosing the solution of accepting cryptocurrency, we paid special attention to the security aspect. That’s why we decided on FoPay as a payment system. FoPay was tested by the information security experts, and it was considered to be completely safe.
FoPay provides solutions both for entrepreneurs (it is called “payment gateway”) and individuals — their cryptocurrency wallet allows to transfer the most common coins between users without paying extra blockchain fee. Thus, you can also use the FoPay wallet to make purchasing on our website with cryptocurrency — and it will be more cost-effective in comparison with other digital wallets. You can learn more about FoPay and the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency here.

Becoming a FoPay merchant, we are sure that it will be a forward step to bring the traditional Thai products and business into the new era of the blockchain technology. We are ready to expand PHRA SIAM further globally. We are excited to welcome our new customers — cryptocurrency users, and guarantee that every our client will get the best quality jewelry.