In Bangkok, the most famous place to pray for love is the Trimurti Shrine.

            The shrine is located in front of Isetan, Central World shopping complex, Chidlom BTS Station (E1). Trimurti is believed to be created by the integration of the highest gods in Hinduism Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

            Rumor has it that many have met their soulmates after praying with Trimurti. Spread by the word of mouth, Trimurti becomes the god of love in Thais belief. The best time to visit the shrine is on Thursday night 21.30pm. It is believed that gods will visit the earth around the time, and will listen and grant the prayers. When praying it is a common practice to bring nine red roses or a rose garland (also called ‘Phuang Malai’), together with nine red incense sticks and a red candle. Also, those who already have their sweet heart can also visit the shrine and pray for their love to last forever. Some advice are do not forget to return the favor if your prayer has been heard by the Gods. You can offer sweet desserts or red fruits. Do not offer any dishes which made up of raw meat or meat products.


            One can also visit Lakshmi Shrine, Gaysorn Plaza, 4th floor (elevator). In Hinduism, Lakshmi is represented as the goddess of wealth and fortune. It is believed that she was born from the ocean and has a lotus as her symbol. She is described as the goddess of beauty, has a glowing skin and a sweet-scent of lotus. The goddess is associated with love and apart from love is her faithfulness towards her husband (Vishnu). With Lakshmi’s power, it is renowned that she would grant one’s family harmony and happiness. Moreover, she would grant one a true soulmate. The common practice when visiting the shrine is to bring nine incense sticks, one pair of candles, and three lotus flower. The shrine is opened for visit from 10.00-18.00 pm.

Wat Phra Chetuphon Vimolmangklararm (Wat Pho) is another famous temple in Bangkok. The temple is located on Rattanakosin Island. Thai people would come and pay respect at this temple, praying for wealth and success. It is said that paying respect here can also grant one’s a life partner. The reclining Buddha associates with numeral number three which has the meaning of woman’s love. The year when a woman turn into her thirties, if she has not yet found a partner, she can come to this temple and pray with the reclining Buddha. It is believed that, at the earliest, the woman will have the chance of finding a partner soon and get married. The prayer should be held on Tuesday because it is the 3rd day of the week. It is a common practice to bring Thai vermicelli rice noodles in fish curry sauce with vegetables (called in Thai ‘Kanom Jeen Nam Ya’). The fish curry sauce is not essential, you can use any other sauces which can be later eaten with the noodles. However, the vermicelli rice noodle has to be in three portions (called in Thai units ‘Sam Jup’) because they associate with numeral three, together with eight incense sticks, which is believed that numeral eight is the power of numeral three. After the praying and paying respect, wait until the incense burned off, then eat the vermicelli rice noodle that you have offered. It is believed that the thread of the vermicelli rice noodle is the invisible bonding thread that would lead you to your soul mate.


            The next place come with the love legend in Phra Khanong District. The story was about a woman name Naga and a man name Mak. The two were husband and wife, very much in love. At that time, Mak was called on military duty and have to fight in a war, meanwhile Naga was pregnant at home. Unfortunately, Naga passed away before Mak could return back home. The tragic story involved around spirits, spread widely, the Yah Naga Shrine become the reminder of the legend. The shrine is located in a buddhist temple called Wat Mahout, Suan Laung in Bangkok. Many have told their stories that they had their wish came true. The shrine is not only famous for love, but is also very busy during draft seasons when Thai men will be called for military recruiting and have to draw the black or red card up, those who do not wish to enter military often come and pray here. To pay respect the shrine, light two incense sticks up with a flower or a garland. Moreover, it can be seen in the shrine that someone may offer seven colour of fabrics to wrap around the tree, or traditional Thai dresses, or children clothes, or toys for Naga's child. Nevertheless, the ways to pay respect can differ depending on one’s belief. 


            The last but not least, bring you to the famous China Town in Bangkok. Chao Mae Pradu Shrine in the old Yaowarat market. The shrine is older than 170 years. The reason why it is called Chao Mae Pradu is because the shrine itself was made out of a wood called Paduak. The place is highly recommend by TV shows and fortune tellers, especially for the ladies out there who would like to have a that special someone. The way to pray respect here, one needs 45 incense sticks, one red candle, and 5 kinds of sweet fruits. If you want to visit somewhere close by in Bangkok and try delicious cuisines. For a change of pace, this place is the way to go.