Not to mention of the inappropriate behaviors, when you travel, you have to think about the effects of what you do.  When you do inappropriate things, those people will not say it’s just you because they don’t know who you are but they just know that you are a traveller from this or that country. They will generalize your country that these people do unacceptable things like this which will give your country a negative reputation. Which is not true, we cannot assume one to all, but this is how it works. Of course, if it is a big deal it might affect the relations between your countries. Then it will be harder to travel to each other’s country.

Therefore, to avoid these unpleasant situations please take notes of these rules before travelling and follow them. You will certainly have a pleasant trip with memorable experience for both, you the tourist and them the host.   


Do your research 

            Before travelling to a country, you should do research to get some information about the place. What do you need to know and why?  You need to know mainly some of the language, the weather, the clothes, the location, culture and tradition because these are the things that are different from your own country.

  • Pick up some of the important word or phrase of the language like “Hello, thank you, sorry, yes, no, or can you help me”. The local would be impressed of your effort in trying to speak their language.
  • The weather is also important to know for preparing the appropriate clothes for the season. Moreover, apart from making your clothes fit to the weather, you should try to bring clothes that fit to the style and the culture of the country. Some countries or places might find that wearing short clothes are impolite.
  • Knowing some details of the places you are travelling would be very helpful. Know the street names, the directions, or popular places nearby in case of getting lost or wanting to travel by yourself.
  • The important thing is to know about their culture and tradition. What kind of gestures is appropriate and which is not. What they give importance to is what we also have to respect.

            Once you know some of these details, your travel would be smoother. There would be fewer problems to encounter, so be prepared before travelling.



            Manners are simple things you should know and surely should use when going to other places. In some places, some behavior might not matter, but in some places, it might be a big deal. The best way is to use your manners.

  • Line up or queue up – Whatever you do, wherever you go, there is always somebody who comes first and some that comes after. To respect the ones that had been waiting longer, please line up for a fair case. This manner is accepted universal, and it is used in almost everything, no matter the toilet, the canteen, the transportation, the shops, the bank or other public facilities, these all have queue.
  • Don’t walk more than two across – This means don’t block the sidewalks or pathways. When you come in a group of tourists, surely you would like to walk together in one row. If it is a wide open place like the seaside or the park, walking like this is not a problem. But note that in some busy places, with crowded people in a rush hour like the sidewalks of the main street, or the train station, you have to separate the line for others that are in a hurry a way to walk. You, as a tourist, travelling slowly and sightseeing should walk properly and make sure not to block the hurried locals.
  • Keep your noise down – Well, you’re not travelling to the library but that doesn’t mean you can be noisy. Respect the place and people by using less noise. Keep in mind that you’re not here to disturb anyone.
  • Check before snapping - When you take a picture of something or someone make sure you ask them if you could.


Environmental Friendly 

            These days environmental friendly travelling is becoming a thing. Apart from travelling for the enjoying just for yourself, it is reasonable to give something back to the environment. Well, it’s alright if you can’t find an environmental saving activity. You can just be friendly to the environment by not destroying them.

  • Do not drop litter – This is a very basic thing and actually you should do this everywhere not just at the places you travel to. If you can’t find a bin, keep the litter to yourself or ask someone to tell you where it is. In some countries, this action is charged, so avoid dropping litter in the places.
  • Do not write on walls, trees or other surfaces – It is seen that travellers like to write on prohibited surfaced which is not good for the environment. This is not cool and people do not want to know your name.
  • Use the toilet properly – Keep clean is a must for this and also flush the toilet every time after using. Toilet paper or others should go in the bin not the toilet. Each toilet in each place might be different, so you should learn how to use them. Be hygienic, bring wet wipes for the seats and don’t stand on them.
  • Save resources – This means saving the energy like electricity, water or petrol. You might be in a hotel that you can use unlimited electric but keep in mind that these are important resources, so use as you need and turn it off. Same for the water and gas. Moreover, use fewer plastic bags. Bring your own cloth bag to put things in.
  • Do not smoke – Not everyone likes the smell of the smoke and above all it’s not good for anyone’s health. However, this does not mean you can’t smoke but be more careful in finding your smoking area. Make sure it does not disturb anyone.
  • Do not feed the animals – Do not feed your own food to the animals because it might be dangerous for them. Some animals in the zoo are prohibited to be fed. Except for some like horses or deer which the zookeeper will sell the food to you.



            Find out about the currency of the country that you will be visiting.  Not all shops and places will receive credit card payment, so prepare the money of the country. It would be convenient to exchange them in the bank or from the ATM.

  • Prepare the right amount of money for when purchasing it does not take much time to look for the right cash and coins.
  • Do not give money to the beggar – You have a kind heart but it’s not good to support these.