History: Songkran festival is a celebration of Thai new years. The definition of Songkran comes from the Sanskrit language meaning refers to moving on and letting the past go through. The day is set into April 13 to April 15 of every year. Where in the past, each year the date of celebration is calculated through the astrological calculations that the sun would enter into the new year. The astrological calculation still exists but the date of the celebration of Songkran nowadays is fixed. The practice of Songkran as a festival comes from an Indian festival that celebrates Makar Sankriti, this festival celebrates the recognition of the sun's cycle. Where the Thai celebration is a recognition of saying goodbye to the past year and welcoming a new good year to come into our lives. Although the actual celebration in some places can begin before the 13th and last weeks after the 15th. The beginning of the festival is that at the time of the Thai new years, Buddhist monks would come to bless and pray for the people who would usually gather together at a local monastery. There then would be a tradition of showering the monks and then collect the water to bring back home to also shower the elders with the water collected. Because of the prays and chanting, it is believed that the water is holy and is blessed with good fortune and luck.


            There are many places and roads that celebrate Songkran festival in Thailand. Every district has there own celebration that takes place on the roads, clubs and temples. The major destination with most places to go to for the celebration is of course in the main city, Bangkok. There are famous roads that everyone in the city, mainly tennagers and those still young at heart will gather in and celebrate Songkran during the daytime. Many malls also have their own celebration with areas designed especially for water splashing in the day time till early in the night. The excitement of night time in the celebration of Songkran is located in different festivals and club events that take place all around Bangkok. The destination of your celebration in Bangkok depends on the type of excitement that you like and whether you like daytime or nighttime, but it is recommended to attend as many Songkran attractions as you can and to celebrate it both in the day and night. This is for you to experience songkran to the fullest and to see the most that songkran has to offer to those who celebrate it. 


 Songkran is also a cultural celebration in Thailand and is celebrated in the family of the Thai’s. In the time of celebration of Songkran, there are certain traditions that are followed by most families every year. Most of the people working away from home, for example those working in Bangkok will return to their home states to visit and pay respect to the elders in the family. This is why many members of the family will re-unite at the eldest place of stay as a center of the family gathering. The tradition that will take place is called Rod Nam Dam Hua. This is a tradition where the young will shower the elder with water that is mixed with scented water and home grown flowers. The youngest ones will start, following until the oldest gets showered. When the young one is showering the elderly, the young one will begin with washing the hands of the elder and saying what they want to say to the elder, such as apologizing for any harm done intentionally or unintentionally and wish the elderly good luck in fortune and health, the elderly will then bless the younger one with the same good wishes for their fortune in life and to live a long life. The deeper meaning that is imposed into this tradition is the water that represents washing away whatever is bad in life, leaving a clean new canvas. The tradition brings the family together as a whole again, after the separation throughout the year. The tradition also gives the elders something to look forward to and to understand that they are loved in life by their family.


            In this article, we have gathered the best attractions for you to experience while you are in Bangkok for the famous Songkran Water festival.


            Silom: The roads of Silom is lined with people celebrating Songkran and car loads of water being splashed on each other. The amount of water that you want to use is purely up to you. On the celebration dates, there will be street vendors selling water for about ten baht per water gun for you to buy from. If you want the fullest experience, it is recommended for you to use a backpack water gallon gun, as there should be enough water for you to last all day. The length of the road is over 5 kilometers long, and to make it better, it is absolutely filled with people on the street, most times to a level of insanity. At the intersections on the roads of Silom is where you will see big fire trucks with their hoses out spraying like crazy at the people passing by. Another great fact about Songkran is that you can also dress like anything you would in Halloween, many popular costumes include Spiderman, Batman, Joker, and Thor. Because at this time of the year, nothing can get any crazier!


            Siam: The celebration of Songkran in Siam square is a water fight on the roads of Siam Square. The event is set up by the Siam group of malls. The theme for each year changes but all involve water and shows. Other than water fight areas there is also a stage set up in the middle of the party where every day that the celebration takes place in there are shows and concerts by different famous artists in Thailand. The celebration in Siam tries to encourage teenagers to keep continuing the good cultural aspects of Thailand, for example to wear Thai themed clothes to the event. The water in the event is provided endlessly for free through the refilling booths on the road. The Songkran water fight is also not far from Silom and Central world, it is recommended to go to all three on the same day, as you keep walking on you will successfully enter into all the roads and this way you will be able to participate in all three water wars in one day before dawn.


            Khao San Road: This is the famous road where everyone goes to party! It is highly recommended to go play Songkran at Khao san after the sun has started to go down. This is because when it starts to get dark, the bars and clubs will also start to get involved in their Songkran celebrations. Many of the attractions in Khao san will host a little event of their own that spans onto the road in front of them. Many of the bars on the main street will let you go up to their balcony and splash people below from up top! Along with EDM music running the whole time! It is like a night out plus a water fight all in one! For those who love a little bit more excitement than just splashing, this is the destination for you in Songkran Festival!


            Central World: This is a major mall near Silom road, it is recommended to combine this with playing Songkran in Silom road for a full, exciting day. Unlike Khao San Road where it might not be the best destination to bring your whole family to enjoy Songkran as it usually involves nighttime and alcohol. Central World sets up a major event on the days of Songkran with many zones for you to enjoy with your whole family, even the young ones will love it ! The first zone is the Wet Zone!, this is the zone where there will be big water gun machines above you and a stage of live shows and singing, the stage will also have big water machines that can be aimed and splashes water on you from above! You cannot escape this zone without getting wet as there are welcoming water guns at the entrance and the exit of the zone. Next, is the Bubble Zone, this is where there will be a Foam party waiting for you to walk through!. Remember to wear protection glasses or just be careful and don’t let the foam run into your eyes! The zone has big foam machines that produce foam in huge amounts! There is also a DJ booth in the front that plays hip EDM beats for you to dance and enjoy in the Zone, this is excellent for those who want to get wet by something other than water and it is definitely an exciting way to celebrate Songkran! The last zone is the Activity Zone, this zone will have games for you to enjoy in for free of costs. The zone also has sponsorships who will provide free food and drinks for you throughout the zone. Some examples of activities are the throw a ball game, where you will have three balls to throw at the goal and if you hit the goal then girl who is sitting above a pool of water will fall down into the water. The game is a traditional thai game that is also played in traditional temple songkran till this day. Another exciting activity is the sling shot, this is a game where you go into a giant sling with safety belt tying you to the elastic and then you will jump on the trampoline, this will cause you to be pulled up and down by the string, this game is very wild and exciting, those with a weak heart should definitely avoid this activity as it can get very scary, but after you have played it, you can tell your friends who the brave one is!


            Overall, the tradition of Songkran is an attraction that will truly be enjoyable. Many come back every year to celebrate it. Bangkok has many attractions for Songkran that all have their own unique style of celebration, but every single attraction will involve lots and lots of water! If you have enough time try to visit as many as attractions that you can! In this article we have gathered the three main most popular and exciting attractions but there are more in Bangkok as the whole nation celebrates it. For a more traditional celebration of Songkran, any local temple will have a more traditional celebration involving monks and Buddha statues to pray to. Remember to keep safe by having your phone with you at all times in case you get lost because there will be a lot of people, usually on the roads there will be thousands! But, keep your phone in a waterproof zipper bag tied around your neck to protect your phone, if you have a waterproof phone then it shouldn't be a problem. Take good pictures to keep your precious memories of the Songkran Celebration in Thailand.