Because of these reasons that together form the heritage value, the result is that each year there are less available genuine amulets available to purchase in the market  and an increase price rising every year on genuine amulets causing the worse side effect which is the spread of fake amulets, these amulets are aimed in the production to look exactly like the famous genuine amulets.


            What customers don't know is that purchasing fake amulets is also purchasing large risks that may come along with the amulet. These risks come in many forms but the worse are these 3 risks.


            1. The risk of having a fake amulet that carries with it negative energy. We know that real amulets are created with a goal to help the holder of the amulet with the powers that the amulet holds, but a fake amulet is mostly created to fool the buyer, this is bad negative energy and have a bad reverse effect in the life of the buyer. Instead of a better enhanced life, you may get the risk of negative influence creating bad luck and chances in your life after buying the fake amulet without knowing why. If you are lucky, then the fake amulet will have no effect in your life at all, because it is not an amulet but merely an object of fraud. 


            2. The substances in using to make the amulet comes from a non-identified source. This is really dangerous because the substances can contain dangerous chemicals such as mercury that can be dangerous and a cause of death if touched or breathed in. There is not much chance of dangerous substances but in the risk of the unknown it is best to be safe. 


            3. The value of the amulet. Not only will you have a high risk of paying the real price of a genuine amulet for a fake one but there is one sure risk that is guaranteed. The value of the fake amulet that you might want to sell in the future will definitely be nothing near the real amulet. For example, a genuine Phra Somdej Amulet can run to millions of Thai Baht and a fake one might get you to a thousand baht maximum. There is almost a 100 % chance that finding out that a amulet that you purchased is fake and returning it will be impossible as the seller might have already escaped with your money to somewhere impossible to find. The best way of protection is to purchase your amulets from a trustworthy source. 




A solution to all of the risks is to find a trustable seller of Buddhist Amulets. This is especially good if the shop has guaranteed certificates with the amulets that they sell. But, to be sure the best shops also have a rule of return, meaning that they will purchase the amulets that they sell back if the customer wants to do so, this is a great deal in choosing an amulet shop as it proves the honesty of the shop. In this article we have gathered the most famous sources of Buddhist amulets. These sources are only the Buddhist Sources in bangkok Thailand. Because of the popularity and belief that is invested by the Thai people and believers in Buddhist amulets, there are many sources that spread all over Thailand. One thing that can be assumed is although all of these sources are very famous and each hold various and thousands of Buddhist amulets



but it is not guaranteed that they all have genuine amulets, this has to be considered on a case by case basis as in each of these market places there are many stores set up within them by different owners that specialize in different types, models and powers of the amulets. 


            These sources include markets, malls, shops, and even temples.

  • Phaya Mai Market, located in Khlong Sarn.
  • Tha Prajan market and Tha Maharaj community mall, located in Tha Prajan near Sanam Luang.
  • Phra Market
  • Talad Phra Tha Din Daeng, located on Din Daeng road.
  • Pantip Plaza, Located in Ngam Wong Wan Road.
  • Wat Mahathat, Located near Sanam Luang.
  • Green Line Market, located on Bangkapi Road.
  • Arkhet Plaza market, located in Phra Pradaeng, SamutPrakarn on the outskirts of Bangkok.
  • JJ market, located on Jatujak Road near Mo Chit BTS station.
  • IT Square, Located in Lak Si on the outskirts of Bangkok.
  • PHRA SIAM, located on Show DC shopping center.