The Buddhist Amulets is a representation of Buddhism that Thai people and those who believe in Buddhism carry around with them. The belief is that the amulets hold power within that can benefit and protect the life of the holder. The value of Buddhist Amulets to Thai people are not only tied to the beliefs but it is a combination of the heritage of the Thai people. You will see that most people in Thailand have a necklace around their necks with Buddhist Amulets framed as a chain to the necklace. The Buddhist Amulets have a value tied towards the holder, with the amulets the people feel protected, this helps empower the holders of the Amulets to a more confident life. Buddhist Amulets don’t only represent the religion, each amulet is unique in its own way, the meaning and value of each amulet depends on who created the amulet, such as famous Monks or Famous Ajarns who specialize in Wicha (Thai Magic). Next is the power that is put into the amulet, most Monks and Ajans specialize in different powers that is a result of their long training and knowledge developed over the years. Then depending on the holder, each holder will have a different demand for the power of the amulet.


            There are many powers that each amulet represents that capture specific people to their specific powers. But, there are 3 Main Benefit that are popular amongst every person interested in Buddhist Amulets. Each of these three powers can benefit every person in their life and is not aimed towards a certain or a private group of people. It is highly recommended for beginners or newcomers to the amulet industry to choose their first amulets that are within the scope of these three powers.


            In this article we have categorized these 3 powers into the 2 most recommended amulets that belong to each group of power. We will take a look into each specific power and amulet in this order.


            1. Enhance the Charm

  • 1. Phra Pidta Maha Saneh
  • 2. Butterfly Amulet

            2. Prevent from Harm and Evil

  • 1. Luang Phor Thuad
  • 2. Hanuman

            3. Luck and Good Fortune

  • 1. Phra Somdej
  • 2. Phra Pikanet