1. Age and year of produce guarantee certificate with lifetime warranty:This is a certificate that will guarantee the details including when the amulet was made and the age of the amulet. The reason that this is important is because you want to make sure that the date of year and the age of the amulet that is represented on the certificate is accurate to the details and history on the amulet that the seller is offering you. Not only does it need to be according to the details of the amulet, but also because the year of produce and the age will help greatly in checking on whether or not the amulet is authentic. Make sure that the amulet looks according to its age, don't believe what the seller tells you if it looks brand new but the certificate is states that the amulet is 100 years old, the certificate might be authentic, but the amulet is likely not, this is why you need a certificate as you can always claim accordingly to what it states on the certificate. Usually reputable amulet shops will also include a lifetime warranty on such information on their certificates, to ensure you that the details on the certificate is true and they are willing to put a lifetime warranty on it.


  1. Warranty on Sales, Exchange, and Returned Warrantee: This is a warranty on the sales and exchange, meaning that the shop will guarantee you on the sale price that you can resell the amulet in the market, including in the future on a price that is at level market price. Why this is necessary to find when purchasing an amulet, is to make sure that in the future when you want to sell the amulet, you will be able to do so at a market price, this also ensures that the amulet is authentic as the shop will not guarantee on the price if they will lose from it in the future. This leads us to the returned warranty, what this means is that the shop will include in the warranty, that they will returned warrantee the amulet from you in case there comes a day when you feel as if you need or want to sell the amulet, this is easy as if you want to sell the amulet and you do not want to spend time finding another buyer or a shop to purchase form you then you could just resell it to the shop that you bought it from. The reason that they are willing to do this, is to guarantee on the authenticity and the value of the amulets that they are selling and help make you confident that the amulet that they are selling are the real deal. In fact, they have nothing to lose in terms of value as the prices of authentic amulets have had a steady rise through the years, unlike gold or currency that prices go up and down, so the shop can turn back a profit easily with enough experience. 



  1. Real Gold and Silver Frame: The reason that you also need to pay attention to the frame of the Buddhist Amulet is that not only will a good frame fully protect your precious amulet from the outside world, such as from drop protection and from water damage, it will also enhance the beauty of the amulet. Because you want an authentic amulet, other than a good frame that has protection, the authenticity of the material that is used to make the frame also matters, you want something that is worth the protection of an authentic amulet, this is Gold and Silver. If your amulet comes with a decent amount of money on the price tag, you would not want to use a cheap frame around the amulet, as you would want to raise the level of positive energy towards the powers within the amulet as much as possible. Not only is gold and silver the suitable materials to look for in a quality frame, but the frame itself will add value to the amulet in general, as in the future if you are looking to sell it on the market, the frame will also have value even after passing through time as Gold and Silver is likely not to age as much as cheap frames. The look that the Gold and Silver frames gives toward the amulet also helps make it look more expensive overall and the frames don’t age as fast as normal metal or wood, remember that if you expect an amulet to benefit your life in a better way, other than thinking good and doing good, you must also treat and look after the amulet with respect and honour.


            These three qualities to look for is meant to be a guideline in looking for a good and authentic amulet, plus the fact that these qualities will help you profit in the future. After a period of time you will start to gain personal experience as you advance in the amulet industry and grow your collection. Remember that nothing beats researching the history and studying more about the monk or the creator of the amulet, including the temple that the amulet came from, this will help you understand the amulet more, therefor having a deeper connection to the amulet rather than just having the amulet in your possession, the amulet will become a part of your life, enhancing the positive energy around you.