When Srisaket walked onto the stage, one very unique aspect that stood right out into the crowd of people watching both at the venue and through live TV, was the apparel and look that he chose to wear before he competed in the fight. This was his boxing robe that was gold with bright red satin stitched with gold details shaped and designed by hand onto the ribe using fine gold wiring stitched onto the fabric. In front of the robe is also red suede fabric that is cut in a suit style while the whole robe is in the common Kimono hooded style, on the other side is the signature gold trimmings on a silky fabric that goes all the way up to his head, the outside of the arms is a gold material with the name and symbol of the sponsor for Srisaket. Across his head is the Thai flag that goes across his eyes, representing Thailand in a very strong and respectful manner. The robe gave Srisaket an iconic look that will definitely be written down in the history of the most unique Thai fashion pieces that was sent out onto the global stage. On his neck is a necklace with many Buddhist Amulets, showing his belief in religion and the power held within the amulets that will help him win and protect him from any harm that is about to happen on the stage. His famous robe was designed by a very famous Thai designer named Polpat Asavaprapha under the brand of Asava and Hirankrit Pattaraboriboonkul. Not only did he start Asava group and became one of the top designers in Thailand, through his journey after graduating from Claremont and Parsons, he has worked under the eyes of top global brands such as Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs, and MaxMara. His designs hold a unique piece of him and are built within the unique concept of muted beauty, where the brand states that beauty does not ask for attention. As for Hirankrit Pattaraboriboonkul, he is one of the new and upcoming designers in Thailand, where one of his most famous creations is the Took Took costume that was used in Miss Universe Beauty Pageant in 2015. The base for the robe is in a Kimono hooded pattern with a unique yellow background, and the amazing gold stitching on red satin fabric. The robe did not only suit Srisaket very well and helped represent Thai art and Thai designers, it also created a higher value for Thai fashion in general, proving Thailand is a nation that is more than beaches and nightlife, rich in culture and many art forms.


Along his neck is a lineup of over 11 Buddhist amulets with 9 showing in the front and more in the back. One amazing fact is that he always takes his collection of amulet with him wherever he has to compete, he also takes the amulets around his neck up onto the stage with him and takes them off the minute before he has to fight. Many of the amulets were given to him by famous monks who Srisaket is a follower, they give him the amulets with a blessing for the champion and the power of protection that is held within the amulet.


            The amulets that are chosen by Srisaket are guessed to all be very famous and high in value, but the two unique amulets are

            1. Phra Somdej amulet.

            2. Luang Phor Bhunma amulet.


            Phra Somdej amulet as we know, is the most famous and also one of the most expensive amulets in Thailand. The Phra Somdej amulet hold strong powers that has been proven consistently through time to be powerful, helping and protecting those who hold the Phra Somdej Amulet. The main powers of Phra Somdej amulet includes the power of Luck, the power of Charm, and the power of protection. These three powers are fitting to Srisakets situations that he encounters while competing in battle, while the amulet also protects him at all times in life.  What is an interesting fact being that before coming to compete in the WBC super flyweight champion this round, he went to visit Luang Phor Bhunma who gave him his amulet in the model of “The Dragon”. Srisaket later gave an interview where he said that he brought Luang Phor Bhunma’s amulet with him to bring him hope, luck and a blessing to this battle, and that he will not disappoint the Thai people. This truly shows that Srisaket is not only in the fight for himself, but he is doing it to prove internationally that Thailand is a nation that he is proud of to be from.