The belief of Pee Chong or the unlucky Zodiac sign in each year relates back to Taoism where there is a belief that that the world is made out of five elements which is what we know as Wind, Fire, Water, Gold, and Earth. These elements have the relationship of working together while they also destroy each other depending on the combination.For example Fire will be destroyed by water if they met each other. If we look at this, a good way to understand is to look at the natural relationship of these elements in real life. This brings us to to the next step that in the determination of the Zodiac sign in each year, this simple principle is the main determination that we use to consider the relationship of the Pee Chong and the Zodiac in each year. The word Chong in Pee Chong comes from the negative relationship between each element that overwrite each other. For example, Earth and Gold have a bad relationship with fire as fire will burn earth and melt gold. This is called Chong in between each of the elements. The Pee Chong belief follows this belief, for example where in this year of 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog the most unlucky Zodiac sign that is fully in Chong with the Earth Dog is the Dragon.


            The above information is an explanation of where Pee Chong actually comes from and a brief history on the beginning of such beliefs. These elements and the cycles of the Zodiac sign is strongly believed to be true in Thailand and other nations that have strong Chinese blood relative. For those who are interested on more informations on the years that are included in the Pee Chong in this year 2018 of the Earth Dog there is an article on the topic that includes details on other Zodiac signs that are fully and partially unlucky on our website that will provide you with information on whether or not there is bad luck for you in this year. There is also an article that will tell you fully on how to protect yourself from the bad luck on your Zodiac sign in this year including the rituals that you can follow in the Chinese temples including the materials that you will need including a guide on which Buddhist Amulets will help protect you from bad luck and attract positive energy into your life.