A good representative in today's Muay Thai boxing world and the connection to Buddhist amulets, is Srisaket, the WBC Super Flyweight Champion. He has been one of the most followed boxers in the world for a while, especially since his first championship win on the WBC Super Flyweight champion stage. The latest battle took place in Las Angeles, California, United States on the 25th of February according to Thai time. Through the eyes of those watching him on stage and through live television that was broadcasted throughout the world, apart from his amazing red and golden robe, you would see the necklace of amulets hanging from his neck. He carries them to every battle that he has to face with the belief of the power within the amulets, helping and supporting him in his battles.


            Srisaket real name is Wisaksil Wangek and his nickname is Tum. The nickname that we know him as is Laem, this name came from friends he often called him Laem. He was born in Srisaket, Thailand. Hence, the name that he is most known for today. Despite his success and his reputation today, similar to many other Muay Thai boxers, he did not have a simple childhood. One of the many reasons that he gives credit to on his success, is the amulets that he brings with at all times. He stated, for this fight he prepared the most that he could, including practicing for 4 months straight, more than 299 times. 


Plus, he brought his amulets with him to USA, some of the amulets included

            1. LP. Bhunma Choti Tummo of Wat Ban Gang in Prachinburi.

            2. Chao Mae Phosop amulet.

            3. Somdet Phra Jao Taksin Maharaj amulet.

            4. LP. Sothorn.

            5. Luang Phoo Srisuttho amulet.

            6. Luang Phoo Sruang amulet from Wat Prai Pattana in Srisaket.


            The amulets give him more confidence in the battles that he has to meet. He also said that he is not a specialist on amulets or the beliefs that are tied to them, but he has always researched and studied in the history and information of amulets in Thailand. The amulets that he has today has been personally collected by him and given to him by respected persons, friends, and from those in the industry.


            The amulets that he has taken with him to the USA for the WBC Super Flyweight Championship flight have come from many sources. Beginning with the LP. Bhunma amulet that came from Wat Ban Gang in Prachinburi, there are two models with him where one is the ChanaSuek Mangkorn and the other is Mangkorn Koo model. The LP. Sathorn and the Phra Chao Taksin Maharaj amulets are from Nakornnayok after he attended a ceremony at the temple. The Chao Mae Phosop amulet is from his birth province in Srisaket, this was when he wanted to find this specific type of amulet to include in his collection, some fellow people found out and gave him the amulet. The Luang Phoo Srisuttho amulet is from Kamchanod, in the Udon Thani province. Lastly, the Luang Phoo Sruang amulet he received from his home town in Srisaket after he won his first championship in WBC Flyweight Championship.


 For Srisaket, he feels as if the amulets give him a good foundation. Before he wears the amulets on his neck he will meditate for a while, where he states that when we have peace, knowledge will follow. This will clear out the mind from impurities and negative thoughts. He also mentions that the most important fact is , if you do not act accordingly to good values as a good person, then the amulets will not help you, meaning that if you want to wear amulets than you must be a good person and citizen to your nation and the world. LP. Bunma is a famous monk in Thailand and resides in Wat Ban Gang in Prachinburi, Srisaket is a big follower of him for many reason. They first met when he was still a normal Muay Thai boxer, at that time LP. Bunma taught him that if you try your best and to not give up when times are tough, you will be successful one day. Srisaket tries to visit LP. Bunma when he has time off from his practice days. He states that LP. Bunma has a special interest in Muay Thai and also international boxing which Srisaket is doing now. He always teaches Srisaket about life and the teachings to go along in life happily, LP. Bunma mentions that in living life, you must not harm others, if you want something then you must use your own mind and strength to find it, to live without fear, and to properly save what we can from what we make, if we do these things then life will be comfortable to the end.


            Today, in his daily life even though he is practicing or not, he will meditate before and control his thoughts. Before he went on stage for the battle in WBC, he started to meditate and get in a peaceful mode from the dressing room until the moment that the bell rings for the battle to start. He believes that these facts are one of the main reasons to why he is successful today. From Srisaket’s story, the connection of amulets to Muay Thai has been established in a peaceful way that is represented in the connection of trust in the belief and the presence of power that is within the amulet, further transferred into the actions of the boxer. The more you meditate, and the more you act accordingly to religion as a good person, the more the amulets will help you grow and become successful in life.