The belief that is attached to Lord Ganesha is that he is the god of success. He can give you the ability to achieve success and accomplishment. He also holds the gift of knowledge that comes along with wealth and he is also one that can get rid of negative energy including evil and the obstacles that come into your life, or try to stop you from achieving your success. A brief history on Lord Ganesha. He is one of the most well known gods in the Hindu religion, although, he is famous and also worshipped by other religions such as Buddhism which is the central religion of Thailand. There are different sectors in the Hindu religion and Ganesha is from the Ganapatya Sector, he is also the most worshipped God that belongs to the sector. He is very easily recognizable and famous for his shape, he has a human body and the head of an elephant. There are deep meanings that explain every little detail of his shape and head, the main meanings are the two representation of the soul and the physical part of life that is represented through his head and body. Other aspects of him include a long list of speciality that he has power over, because of his power of success and accomplishment. Some of them include, Writing, Learning, Business, Love, Getting rid of obstacles, and etc. Another important detail about him and should be mentioned, is that he is the son of Siva who belongs to what is called the “Trinity” in the Hindu Religion.


            Different locations of the Ganesha Shrine may be famous for different wishes, although being the same god. The Shrine in Bangkok is very popular for making wishes on two main aspects, which is business related and Success in life related. When you arrive at the Shrine, to fully complete your worship, there are flowers available for you to buy to give as an offering to Lord Ganesha right in front of the Shrine. The flowers are meant as a respectful offering of your belief and respect to the god. The flowers are not the only offerings that you can make, some people choose to give bigger offerings with the belief of a higher chance in receiving the wish that they have made at the shrine, this is totally up to you of course. Such gifts include trays of fruits and dried herbs, including the famous red drink that many Thai people offer to shrines and Buddha statues.

The next step to take after you have had your offering ready is to pray in front of the shrine and then ask what you wish for along with your reasonings, if you have prepared forward, you can also include the chant of Lord Ganesha. Then the next step is also to include your full name and anyone else such as the names of the members of your family who you also wish to improve their life in achievements and success. Lastly, is to hang or display the flower as an offering in front of the shrine where other flowers or offerings are laid out on. This will complete your visit to the shrine, it is also very highly recommended that you also visit and pray to the other two Shrines as they are also extremely famous and have different specialities, such as love and luck. The Shrine can be easily traveled to by the BTS Skytrain at Chit Lom Station exit No.1, then a short walk will take you directly to the Ganesha Shrine. There is no cost to enter the Shrines.