The Monks, the Buddha, and Symbols on an amulet all represent the powers that is within. For example, the Phra Somdej amulet has many prints, but they all include a Buddha on the front, this represents the strong power of Enhancement of Charm, Fortune in Wealth, and the Power of Luck. These are the powers that the Phra Somdej Amulet is famous for and it is commonly known through those who have a passion for Buddhist Amulets that the powers of the Phra Somdej amulet can improve your life in many ways with great results based on the beliefs. The design and the materials that are used to make each amulet are all dependent on the monk or the creator of the amulet, who usually knows because of their practice and knowledge on amulet creation, what each material and symbol represents. Because many amulets are so great in demand and there is not enough authentic amulets on the market to fulfill these demands, the prices are extremely high for some amulets, such as the Butterfly Amulet, Luang Phor Toh Amulets, Phra Somdej amulets and many more. This has resulted in fakes that have been developed to almost exact. But, there are main points that cannot be mastered in the making of the fakes because the authentic amulets hold points that develop through time added to the fact that they are hand made. Not only will you lose your money on a fake amulet, you have no idea what it is actually made of and the ingredients may be dangerous. Therefore, in order to properly gain benefit from the powers that the amulet holds, you must make sure to do enough research on the amulet that you wish you find, and to purchase from a reliable and trustable amulet shop. Find one that has certificates and warranties that is official, guaranteeing the authenticity along with your money’s security.


            In the past, each amulet was created individually by hand, making the more old the amulet is depending on the condition, the more the value is in today's world. Where in the past, unlike in today's world, there would be ways that the monk or the creator of the amulet chooses to use in order to raise the power of the amulet. This includes using tiger teeth, or elephant trunk or bones to make the amulet. In today's world, most of the materials use have to be legal and are mostly organic compounds or normal metals. Also, nowadays most amulets are created in an automatic mold and are sold in a temple for a price that can be easily acquired by those who want to enhance their luck in life. The belief is that, the more old the monk, and the more specialized in the magic of making the amulet, who creates the amulet will be more powerful than if the amulet is created by a young monk. Usually if the amulet is massed produced, there will be many blessings, including sending the amulets to an elderly monk to also bless the amulet to fully enhance the charm and power of the amulets. These amulets are a good choice for those who want to begin a journey through Buddhist amulets, as they can be found sold in most temples for a very low price as the temple aims to for everyone to be able to hold the amulet. From this step, you will slowly continue your way and then it will be time to find a reliable amulet shop after deciding on what type of amulet you want and from which Monk has blessed it.




            If not focusing on the powers of the amulet, another very important reasoning to why the amulet market has grown consistently through Thailand in the years, and now has spread to other countries in South East Asia to great popularity is comparable to watches and handbags, where it is a sense of fashion and popularity to own an authentic amulet that is well known and created by highly respected monks. Since the rise on the popularity of amulets, the sense of fashion has helped raise and spread the knowledge on amulets to other nations other than Thailand. Amulets are viewed as a sacred item for the protection of the holder, and also a symbol of style and expression of self. One of the best ways other than the selection of the amulet itself that can be used to up the value and help display your style of fashion is the frame that is used to protect the amulet. There are all types of frames that can be chosen from such as stainless frames, colored, glass, silver, and gold. But, it is recommended to choose a frame that has high value in itself, for example to choose gold or silver as to add value to your amulet and in the future if you decide to sell the amulet. Also, to make sure that your amulet is properly protected it is recommended that you use a frame that is completely waterproof, usually made from glass enclosed together by the frame. Because of this, the result is that amulets have become an investment, where similar to watches and bags, not only is the amulet a statement of yourself, it is also an investment. The prices of authentic amulets have not dropped in the last two years, but has in fact doubled in the last five years. The rising of value is so constant that, many trustable amulet shops will give you a sales warranty on the amulets that they sell, this is a certificate that guarantees that in the future, you will be able to sell your amulet at least at the general market price, and to make you certain they will also guarantee to repurchase the amulet back if you do not want to find a new buyer.


            The importance of amulets can be seen in the everyday life of Thai people. Where every Buddhist house is very likely to have a Buddha room and inside will be a tray that the amulets sit in. For those who are collectors, the amulets are likely to be kept in a regulated temperature box that is airtight in order for the amulet to age as slow as possible. The household if not everyday, will at least once a week pray or offer drinks and fruits to the Buddha statues, and historical statues such as the Kings of Thailand in the Buddha room. When they leave the house, most Buddhists in Thailand will carry with them a small amulet on their neck hanging from a small chain. Some modern generations choose to carry the amulet in their bags inside a small box or compartment to keep the amulet safe from other items in the bag. Usually the young ones such as children and teenagers carry on them amulets that have been given to them by their parents, elders or from monks who gave it to them when visiting the temple. This is because at this age, there is yet much interest in religion, only following along what their parents worship, let alone interested in collecting amulets. When there is a risky situation, or in times of hope such as before a test or when there is fear, those who have amulets with them will pray to the amulet automatically, they feel natural doing this. Then they will pray a chant, as this is a normal part in the daily lives of Thai Buddhist, every morning in school they will chant in the morning, and everynight before bed they will chant before going to sleep. After chanting, the last thing they will do is wish what they hope to happen, such as getting an A for the test, or to survive any danger that comes at their way. These actions show the significance that Buddhist amulets have in the lives of Thai Buddhists and how natural it has become to automatically cling to the amulets in times of hope and wonder.