Muay Thai Live has the quote of “Discover The Epic Journey Of Muay Thai” on their website as the advertising slogan. The claim proves to be true for many reasons. The Muay Thai Live proves this by being an Award Winning Stage show that also performs live Thai boxing matches at the venue. Beginning with the venue, the stage that is used to perform the shows on was created especially for Muay Thai Live. The stage in built to the world class standard of global live performance stage and is exclusively designed with the Muay Thai show in mind when in the creation process. There are live shows every Tuesday to Sunday from  8pm. The tickets fill up very fast so it is extremely recommended that you book online before going to the show in the Muay Thai Live website. Prices for normal seats are 1,200 baht and 1,500 baht for premium seats with children tickets being at 500 baht. The venue is located on Asiatique the Riverfront Which is currently the largest riverside outdoor mall in Asia. The venue holds 600 seats with both premium and standard seats, the seats are all comfortable soft sofas that are designed with the most comfortability for your enjoyment in the show. Within the venue there is a State of The Art Theatre that has the latest model of AV and world class multimedia system ready to help create the best show for your enjoyment on the LED wall that is 12x9 meters large with a view of 180 degree view of the stage from all seats situated within the venue. For those who enjoy privacy and to sit with their private group of company, the venue has VIP lounges that is located above the stage on the second floor accessible through the private elevator that is built especially for the VIP service. There is also a bar, and a souvenir shop. Next, is that Asiatique the Riverfront is awarded the Amazing Thailand Destination by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and can be easily travelled to by many ways, but the recommended way is to take the free shuttle boat that is serviced for free by Asiatique to their customers, the boats depart every 15 minutes starting from 4pm everyday. The shuttle boat can be reached at the Saphan Taksin pier easily accessible by the BTS Skytrain. Another option to get there includes taking the BRT to Rama III and continuing with a taxi.


            The Muay Thai Live show will be a collection of 5 acts with an amazing epilogue in the end. Each other act is different and hold a unique viewpoint on Muay Thai. The Show will begin with the legend lives that includes 5 acts and the epilogue, then the next grand follow up will be Warriors Rising, which will include two live Muay Thai fights. The fighters include both Thai’s and foreigners who are all trained by the legendary Grand Master Kru Tubtim Thong, this is the reason why every fighter is gracious and very skilled in Muay Thai.


The first show in the Legend Lives is The Tiger King, the story begins with a tale of a mysterious man in the Ayutthaya period of time. Where the man suddenly shows up at a local fair in Ayutthaya, the fair is one of Thailand's traditional ceremonial fairs, where there are games to play, performances such as singing and Thai dancing. In the fair that is taking place in the show, there is suddenly a cross fight between the man and the village fighters, the village fighters include three men who are skilled in different types of martial arts, the man now has to fight all of them, you will get to see in the show if the man will be able to defeat the three men and see the form of martial arts that he uses to fight the three men. The Tiger King act is actually inspired by real events of the legendary Tiger King who is the 30th king in Ayutthaya and is the master of Thai Boxing.


            The second show is The Prisoner with Eight Limbs. The show begins in the time of war, there are Thai Warriors fighting and many have been taken as hostages by the enemy. The main character is one of the warriors that is taken as hostage by the enemy. The warrior is extremely skilled in the art of Muay Thai and is a very fast warrior who can move like lightning, this is where the name comes in, he can move so swiftly that it seems as if he has eight limbs. Because of his power the warrior is chosen to get another chance, he has to fight with the enemies best ruthless fighters, not only are they extremely skilled, they also have weapons with them that can kill the warrior easily if it hits him. What will the warrior do in this situation? And are is skills enough to save him? We will get to know in this act. The story of the second show is based on the true story of Nai Khanom Tom, known as one of the best Muay Thai boxers in history.


            The Third Show is The Warrior with Broken Swords. The show starts in the time when Ayutthaya has collapsed and the people of Ayutthaya are lost without any goal in life to turn to, they feel beaten down and hopeless. The enemies on the other side has taken control and are planning to attack other cities of Siam. But, it won’t be that easy for the enemy, while they were attacked suddenly a warrior with two swords showed up as the leader of our side of the army. The warrior is extremely skilled in swords, but then while fighting, he broke one of his swords. But, this is not a problem as the warrior has a secret skill hidden, he can perfectly use his body as another weapon that works just as good as his broken sword. You will get to see what happens next with him, what is this secret skill he holds? And will he be able to defeat the enemy with this secret skill? The show is extremely exciting with questions to be answered.


            The Muay Thai Legend Live offers other than the 3 shows above, 2 more shows that are just as exciting and well crafted. Also a long and meaningful epilogue and live Muay Thai matches after the live shows. You will truly be amazed with the art of Muay Thai after seeing the Muay Thai Live. 






Ong Bak Live - @ Ultra Arena, Show Dc.


            Ong Bak Live @ Ultra Arena has the quote of “Real Action, Real Live, Real Fight, Real Entertainment”. This is an amazing show that will truly amaze you with Thai arts, not only does the show beautifully represent Muay Thai but also incorporates many aspects of other types of Thai art into the show, truly proving how Thai art and culture is as graceful and wonderful as any other form of art and culture in the world. The show is created with world wide standard in every aspect, including the venue, the script, the trainers, the actors, and all the people involved. The show is produced and directed by Thailand's most influential producers and directors that guarantees the quality of the production!


            The tickets are sold in Thai Ticket Major, making the process of purchasing the tickets very easy. There are shows every tuesday to Sundays from 8.00 pm @ Ultra Arena floor 6, Show DC. Ticket prices are 1,500, 2,000, 2,500(VIP), Children under 90 centimeters enter for free by using the same seating as the parent. There is currently a promotion making it even better for you to go see the show as soon as you can, where the tickets are on a buy 3 pay 2 promotion!


 The Ong Bak Live tells the story of Boonting or Ting Pradu Prew. The story begins with Boonting who is on a quest of the missing head of the Ong Bak statue. The head was stolen from the village of Nong Pradu. The thief is Can and he used to be a member of the village. Can has betrayed the villagers and ran off with the head of Ong Bak. Boonting see’s the despair that this has caused to the village and villagers so he travels to Bangkok in search for the Ong Bak head. When he enters Bangkok in a street called Khao San Road, he saw two men having some trouble with street gangsters. Boonting couldn't just walk by, so he helps the two men. It turns out that they are brothers named Mum and Muay. Both of the brothers wanted to repay Boonting, so the three of them joined in the search for the Ong Bak’s head. The road on finding the head is not a smooth one. Here is where you will get to see how the three of them will get the Ong Bak head back, and the obstacles that they will have to pass. Boonting has the superior skill of fighting, you will get to see what skills he has as he fights the most vicious and evil fighters. Some of them include Luca, Mad Dog, Saming, and more. Another amazing question to answer when you see the show is, are the obstacles, Can, and the evil fighters related to the mafia group that Boonting fought on Khao Sarn road? All the answers will be answered in  Ong Bak Live @ Ultra Arena, Show DC!


            In both of these Muay Thai Shows, the show that they put on is not only a simple Thai boxing show, but is truly a form of art that gorgeously represents Muay Thai and the values held within the martial arts. The way that Muay Thai is represented in both of these venues will be as if you are not only watching a Muay Thai fight, but rather experiencing a live documentary take place right in front of your eyes. When you enter into one of these shows, you will not only see an amazing performance, but you will also receive knowledge on Muay Thai, the definition that is held within the art, the history, and so much more.