In Thailand, it is strongly believed that worshipping or having a Talisman in your hands will take effect and properly benefit your life when there is a proper respect way of thought inside of the holders mind. You must have proper intentions, with high respect to your teachers. The development in your life will be a benefit from the talisman and the symbol, but the true cause will be from you, while the talisman and symbol acts as an extra boost and a guard of protection for your life.


            The Fabric Talisman is a type of worshipped items that hold magic powers within according to the belief of Thai people and Fabric Talisman’s. In Thai, these Fabric Talisman’s are referred to as “Yan”.  These Fabric Talisman’s are usually the size of your hand, but there are bigger Fabric Talisman’s that can be seen in temples and holy places. The materials that are used to make the Fabric Talisman are usually raw materials and the fabric itself is usually organic, meaning not as processed as the fabric that we wear. The most common fabric used is Linen, as it is strong, thin, and absorbs ink easily.


            The history of Fabric Talisman in Thailand dates way back, where the Fabric Talisman similarly to Buddhist Amulets are usually made by monks who have strong specialty in magic and casting spells, therefor giving power into the Fabric Talisman. In some cases although the symbols used may be similar, but the monk who created the Fabric Talisman will sign his signature and sometimes will include a personalized detail such as drawing or stamping. The creation of Fabric Talisman usually don't require as much processing steps as Buddhist Amulets, where some go through a simple 2 step process that includes, 1. The Creation Process and 2. The Blessing Process. Although the process seems simple, but the Fabric Talisman holds many powerful abilities if you are fortunate enough to get your hands on the authentic pieces, along with going accordingly with the behaviour required above for the Talisman to properly benefit your life. In the past, Fabric Talisman’s were all made by hand, the symbols and details on the Fabric Talisman would be drawn delicately onto the fabric by the creator. While today, because of the development in technology and the high demand, Fabric Talismans are usually made by a printing process, but they go through the same processing and blessing process as it was in the past, giving the power to the Fabric Talisman.


            The Fabric Talisman in Thailand can be divided into 5 groups of categories. These groups are divided by the powers that are held within the Fabric Talisman.


            1. Yan Maha Amnaj: The translation in Thai to the term Amnaj means Power and Maha means Great. Therefor, the Fabric Talisman with Maha Amnaj holds the power within to give and help boost the holders Great Power in life. The result is that you will have great power in everything that you do, your business deals will seem to go the way that you aim it to be, people will respect you more because of the power, those in government work will have a higher chance of ranking and increasing your power to a greater level. 

            2. Yan Kha Khai: The translation in Thai to the term Kha Khai is sales. Therefor, this Fabric Talisman is perfect for those who are entrepreneurs, those in the sales businesses, and those whose occupations include selling items, including services. This type of Fabric Talisman holds strong power to boost your sales. The results are that customers will believe you when you tell them the properties of what you are selling, more people will become interested in buying your product, sales rising, more people will enter your business or become interested in what you are selling, they will buy more easily than usual, and more. 

            3. Yan Chokchata: The translation in Thai to the term Chokchata is Destiny. This type of Fabric Talisman holds the power of destiny, where whatever your destiny is you will have a greater chance of achieving with this Fabric Talisman. The results are that your dreams will seem like a reality, and your destiny is easier to reach than ever. 

            4. Yan Maha Saneh and Yan Metta Maha Niyom: These two types of Fabric Talisman’s holds the power of Charm and popularity that will increase your charm. The results are that you will become charming to everyone, people will have high respect for you, you will become well known and liked by people, strangers will feel like opening up to you, you will have better control over your body movement, speech, and way of thinking that will further give you a charming appearance that everyone will look up to and want to follow in your footsteps. The power of this Fabric Talisman can also help you in your career, as the more charming you become the more your business associates and customers will admire and work better together with you. For the specific Fabric Talisman that is only Yan Maha Saneh, the added result and effect is that the person that you are interested in will have a high chance of becoming interested in you also, giving a high chance of developing love in the future.

            5. Yan Pong Kun Phai: This is the Fabric Talisman of protection. This Fabric Talisman holds the power of Protection that will look after your life and help guard away the bad evil people and spirits, furthermore not only does it protect you against evil but it also protects against danger that you may meet at anytime, this includes accidents, and unseen unfortunate events. The power to keep you safe and unharmed. 


 These are 3 examples to some of the symbols used in Thai Fabric Talisman or “Yan”. Each hold different meanings that will give the Fabric Talisman its power. Choose accordingly to the categories above by deciding what is the true goal that you want the powers of the Fabric Talisman to benefit in your life.


            1. Yan Takrut Maha Raknab: This is the symbol of absolute protection against bodily harm resulting from weapons. For those who want the power of protection specifically against weapons this is the perfect symbol to look for in you Fabric Talisman. This symbol has the power within that can protect you from shootings, knife stabs, and other weaponry harm. 

            2. Yan Karawek: This symbol is a symbol of Metta Maha Niyom. The power that is held within this symbol is Metta Maha Niyom that means admiration and popularity in English. The effect of this symbol will give your personality a high likability and a irresistible charm to all. The symbol on a Fabric Talisman is perfect for those who are in the entertainment industry and anyone who wants to increase their presence. For example, actors, singers, entertainers, models, presenters, MC, DJ, BA, PR, Professors, and Speakers. 

            3. Yan Phok Sup: This symbol is a symbol of Wealth and is specifically aimed to increase your money in your wallet and Bank Account. The way to use this Yan is to fold it into a square from all four sides into the middle, then inserted into you wallet in a position that cannot be seen from the outside. The power of Wealth will make your wallet have money coming in non-stop, and will help protect against being short in money. Some results include having no short cash flow, magicly always having spare money, new business deals coming in, new partnerships, an increase in salary, new higher rank offered in company, and more.