LP. Thuad who is also known to the people as Luang Phoo Thuad, is famous for his amazing tales of his life and his amulets that have proven to be so powerful that his amulets have saved a number of lives from danger. He was a monk in the period of Ayutthaya and is a historical figure in Thailand as one of the Keji Ajarn. LP. Thuad is a monk with high glory that is beside him from his doings of good to his followers. He has another nickname that was given to him by the people, called “ LP.Thuad, the monk who walked on water”. This comes from a tale that has been passed on for generations, the tale is believed strongly by many followers. This was when LP. Thuad was 80 years old in Wat Pako, he had a walking stick that he always carried with him, the walking stick had three curves on the stick, his followers called it the three curved wooden stick, when this happened he was taking a walk on the beach and then some evil theifs came to kidnap him. They dragged him onto the boat, but when he went on the boat, no matter what the thieves tried to do the boat would not move, they stayed on the boat in the location for many days without moving. Because they were stuck, the thieves ran out of drinking water and they were becoming sick from the thirst. LP. Thuad saw this and he had enough, so he stepped off of the boat onto the ocean, he then lifted up his foot from the ocean and told the thiefs to taste the water off of his foot, at first they did not do as he said but then they figured that they were going to die anyways so they tasted the water from his foot, what happened was the water did not taste salty like normal ocean water but in fact it tastes like rain water. After having witnessed this miracle, they were in fear for their lives after realizing that this is no normal person. The thieves rushed to return LP. Thuad to shore and prayed under his feet in the attempt to apologize for what they have done. While he was walking back to the temple from the beach, he sat down to take a rest beside a tree, where he decided to lay his walking stick on the side of the tree, something magical happened where the tree suddenly twisted and grew into the shape of 3 curves exactly like LP. Thuad walking stick, to this day the tree is still in existence and people visit it daily.


            Another tale that has been told, is that when he was born, he was sleeping and there came a giant snake who wrapped itself around the bed that the baby was sleeping in, no matter what his parents tried to do to chase the snake away, the snake would not leave the baby and did not hurt the baby, but rather it looked like the snake was protecting the baby. The parents then did the last thing they could think of as they have tried everything, they thought what if the snake was something much higher than a normal snake, they lit up a candle, incense sticks, and flowers and offered it to the snake, the snake then slowly slipped away from the baby and never harmed anyone. When the parents went to see if the baby boy was safe, they found that he was sleeping, without a clue of what had happened, but what was even more amazing, is that above the baby boy was a glowing glass crystal that reflected many colors. The mother kept the crystal and from then on their lives developed in a better way as they were very poor before having the baby boy. There are many more tales that are unbelievable occurrences that happened through the life of LP. Thuad.


            LP. Thuad amulets hold many powers but they are most well known for the Power of Protection and the Power of luck that work together with the goal of protecting the life of the amulet holder. LP. Thuad amulets have saved many lives from harm, including animal harm, bullets, and mental harm that comes from bad people willing to hurt the holder of the amulet. The amulet will protect you and drive the evil people away. This includes the evil spirits that may try to attack you in order to get your energy or the evil spirits that are sent by someone else, LP. Thuad amulets act as a protective invisible shield where evil spirits of any kind can pass through. This amulet is a perfect fit for those who want an invisible protection from what they can see and what they cannot see at all times. This is why the price of an authentic LP. Thuad is one of the highest in Thailand as the amulet has saved many, where without LP. Thuad amulets those people would not be able to tell the tales that we hear today.