This is the temple that is very significant throughout the show. In the beginning of the show, Gedsurang met the spirit of Garaged at this temple, then when Gedsurang goes into the Ayutthaya period she has many more scenes within the temple. The temple is located across from St.Joseph Cathedral on a historical island. The history of Wat Chaiwatthanaram begins in 1630 when King Prasat Thing ordered the construction of the temple. The purpose of the temple was to be a memorial for King Prasat Thong mother where her ashes are in the East of the temple within two chedis. Thanks to the the Fine Arts Department Wat Chaiwatthanaram was restored to pristine condition giving the visitors a more precise idea of the architecture and the history behind the presence of the temple.


            The architecture of temple is in Angkor style. The meaning behind this design of the temple is to represent the universe that revolves on Hindu and Buddhist beliefs in cosmetology science. In the beginning there was a wall that was over one meter tall all around the temple, the entrance into the temple grounds where curved entrances with openings at the bottom. The peak of the temple is the Prangs, especially the central prang that is over 35 meters tall built in the Khmer architectural prang design. The four corners of the central prang is another smaller  building. The central prang is a representation of Mount Meru that is believed to be the center of the universe within the Hindu and Buddhist cosmetology beliefs. In the middle of the prang stands a stairway that will lead you up to the top of the Prang where you can see the view from up top. Surrounding the central prang is eight more chedis that are each connected by a wall that is a gallery. Inside each chedi are niches that showcase a Buddha statue in the meditation position. The number of the chedis represent the Jataka tales, were there beliefs that Lord Buddha had eight previous lives and the story is told through the chedis in pictures that were designed for people of every class to understand. The roof of the gallery has fallen down but the window frames remain till this day.


          Wat Chaiwatthanaram is arguably one of the most historical structures in Ayutthaya. It is visited by loads of people daily and is now in its peak season as the TV Drama is on air. The temple is beautiful at all times. But, if you have a chance to pick the time then it is recommended to visit when the sun is setting down as the lighting at such time gives the central prang and the chedis a shadow figure and shapes reflecting, giving a memorable moment for all watching. 


Wat Thammaram


            Wat Thammaram is located in Banbom district and is over 400 years old. An interesting fact to this temple is that when the Burma soldiers came to Ayutthaya in the time of war, they always came to this temple to set up camp, as the location of the temple is very near the meeting point of the Lopburi river and the Chao Phraya River to control the water travel ways of the Ayutthaya people at the time. The Khmer soldiers used the location of the temple to set up watching sights using the location to see if the people are bringing in more people, or setting up an attack against them as they would need to pass through the river meeting point in order to do so. At the back of the temple is a wide field that many fights took place between the Thai soldiers and the Burma Soldiers.


            Today, when visiting the temple because of the location that is right on the river and the atmosphere that surrounds the temple will give you a very peaceful feeling with good weather. Furthermore, the temple in the past when not in time of war was often used for ceremonies of the people, leaving a positive imprint into the temple. When walking into the temple, you will see a white building that was rebuilt after the temple was left along with no one living, or keeping watch of the temple, in other words the temple wa abandoned for a period of time. Today, this building is white and the roof is red adorned with gold trimmings along the curves of the rood and in the front and back. In the middle of the roof in the front and back are carvings in the style of Thai traditional art. The windows are framed in red and above the window are gold art that is carved also in the Thai traditional art style. There are also windows at the bottom of the building framed in brown frames, at the bottom is a staircase that leads to an entrance in the style similar to the upper windows, red framed and decorated above in gold carvings. At the front of the building is a gold structure rectangular in shape with the top in the shape of a chedi with a sharp top. Within the temple right next to the river is also a Chedi where the bottom half is in white and the upper top is in gold, all the way to the pointy peak. The Chedi has a staircase that leads up to the middle of the Chedi. At the bottom is a staircase that leads directly to the river, where those who travel by boat can directly arrive at the temple through this entrance point to the temple. Further into the temple, is a Wood Sala where you can sit down, relax and watch the river flow. In front of the sala is a walkway that leads to the sala, on the sides are a line of large trees, in the front of each large tree is a smaller tree in a rectangular shaped hole adorned with their own little walls.


            There is another building that is constructed in traditional Thai style from wood built on columns, the wood building has a red roof. To enter you must take the stairs as the bottom of the building are where the columns are located within with no other constructions underneath leaving a wide space, similar to traditional Thai wood houses. Around the wood building are trees that have their own areas in a round shape surrounding the trees. The temple is very clean, those who visit will definitely see the neat and organized aspect of the temple.The philosophy of care behind the temple grounds are taught by Luang Phor Phra Attikarn Phrasat Khema Phunyo of Wat Thammaram. Even the brooms and the mops are hung up on the walls after each use in the exact same position with exact measurements within each one. Wat Thammaram is perfect for those who want to learn more about the history of Ayutthaya and Thailand as the temple played an important role in the history of Ayutthaya, another benefit that you will receive when visiting this temple is the peaceful atmosphere and the perfectionist style of the temple today.                                    


Wat Choeng Tha


            Wat Choeng Tha is located across the Lopburi River opposite of the Royal Palace. This temple is a very old temple that was constructed even before the establishment of Ayutthaya. The name was given by King Rama the IV, after going through a list of previous names including Wat Thin Tha. When arriving at the temple, in the front you will see a big board that gives details of the temples previous names and historical information that has helped shape this temple into what it is today. An interesting fact is that King Taksin was once a temple boy at this temple, the temple was a part in shaping him into the great king that he was.


            This temple similar to Wat Chaiwatthanaram is constructed in the style of Khmer architecture with a center prang. The center prang at Wat Choeng Tha is not as large if compared to the center prang in Wat Chaiwatthanaram but is definitely still impressive to see. The construction is in medium condition as there have not been as many efforts to restore the materials of the temple as if compared to Wat Chaiwatthanaram but on the other hand you will be able to see a high level of originality of the design and the architectural aspects of the temple. The center prang is lined with Buddha images while in the Halting of Evil position. Some of the original images are no longer here due to the time when there was a raid in the temple by those who were not welcomed. On the west side of the center prang there is furthermore chedis and a long hall that was meant for ordinations. Along the hall are statues of lions that was meant to protect the temple and the ordination hall. Depending on the time of the day, sometimes the monks will let you go inside to take a look. There is a shrine dedicated to King Taksin at the entrance of the hall where a monastery is located with Buddha statues, including one main Buddha image in the meditation position and the images of respected monks in Thailand. Where in the monastery, many come to pray to the images with the goal to pay respect and to wish for good luck and fortune in their lives. If you wish to do so you can light the incense sticks and one candle to pray to the images in front of you, the incense sticks and candles are provided within the temple.