Phra Mae Laksa Manee - Gaysorn Village: This is one of the most popular Shrines where the people go to especially to wish for luck in money, business, sales, career, and more focusing on wealth wise wishes. There has been talk to talk on how successful this shrine is, many from poor to rich have come here to wish for a successful job opportunity, or a businesses deal that is near, including other wishes relating to wealth and have been successful over and over. The Shrine is located on the 4th floor of Gaysorn Village which is a high end mall on the Sukhumvit road, a cool fact is the mall was one of the first malls that sold high end products in Thailand. When you arrive at the shrine to properly pray to the shrine you will need 9 incense sticks, a pair of candles, a lotus or milk or anything that represents stability and wealth. With these items you will then light the incense sticks and the candle, then wish what you desire to become true in the near future to the statue of Phra Mae Laksa Manee.


            Somdej Phra Chao Taksin - WongWian Yai: This is the Shrine of an amazing King, It is well known to the people that in his days he was a man of bravery, kindness, sacrifices, and always helping his people. This included business deals, helping people pay their debt, the trade of the nation and wealth aspects that he was well known to lend a hand in to help. This leads to people coming to his shrine to pay respect to him and what he did in his time that lifted Thailand in a great way, along with wishing for what they want including wealth issues. This is one of those shrines where may aspects of wishes have become true and not only in wealth wishes, if you want to make more than one wish then this is the perfect destination for you to come pray to. There have been beliefs that he tends to grant wishes that will truly benefit the life of the wisher, and not what you think is what you want. He is a wish granter that is from the heart. When you arrive there, in order to properly pray to his statue you will need 16 incense sticks, 16 candles, and a pair of flowers. If the wish that you are planning is a general wish and not specific to one field then only 9 incense sticks will be enough with no candles or flowers.




            Kuan Yim Shrine (Thian Fa Foundation) - Yaowarat (Chinatown): The Thian Fa foundation was started in 1902 mainly by Chinese descendants  that live in Thailand. One of the main purposes and goals of the foundation is to provide those who need it free medical care. Donations are open to the public through the foundation. One of the most fascinating aspects on the Shrine is the architecture that was used in the construction of the Kuan Yim Shrine. The main material used is teak wood with chinese carvings on the walls. The main god within this shrine is Kuan Si Yim Phu Sak which is her full name, the people here call he Jao Mae Kuan Yim. She is the Goddess of Mercy and is well known for her mercy in the kindness towards her blessings to those who pray to her. The statue of her is made from one piece of teak wood inspired by the Tang Dynasty era. The statue itself was not made in Thailand but was in the original land of China where it has been here at the shrine since 1958. This Shrine is best known for Kuan Yim and her kindness in granting your wishes made in front of her statue to come true, including many successful wishes on good luck throughout the year, or asking for a business mission to be successful including improving your wealth to rise overall.


            Phra Narai (Phra Visanu) - Inter Continental Hotel: This Shrine is extremely famous for wishes that are based on Businesses that involve the trade of money with items or services, this applies to all businesses including local business persons to big corporations. It is hard to believe that such powers are held within Phra Narai in front of the InterContinental Hotel, but many have come again and again as he has helped them greatly in their pathway to the wealth that they wish. There is a condition to coming to pray to him, this is that you must have a clear mind with a purpose in life to do good and act good. Meaning that the business that you wish to improve needs to be clean business that is not illegal and acts accordingly to the good concerns of the society. While the business needs to be clean, you will also have to be a good person who does not harm others in daily life, it will be even better if you are a good person along with being a hard worker as it will increase your chances of becoming successful as the wish that you pray to Phra Narai. He will help you achieve your goal in the wealth of your life, grant you good luck through life and help you achieve a happy life from good luck and great wealth.


            Chao Mae TupTim Shrine - Pahurat (Little India): In the past Chao Mae TupTim was popular amongst fishermen in China who prayed to her and similar gods in the same group of Hainanese gods to give them good luck in bringing in good luck in order for them to catch many fish and prey as they head out into the sea. She also helps protect them from any harm when they are out into the ocean working and finding a living for themselves and their families. This shrine is almost 200 years old and is one of the oldest shrines in bangkok. This relates back to today's world where the shrine is famous for the power of Chao Mae TupTim granting wishes relating to wealth and bringing in good luck for your businesses. Chao Mae TupTim is also connected to fertility where she is famous for helping people and families grow in a positive way. There are many Chao Mae TupTim shrines that are located all over the nation, if you are not able to come to this one then all the other ones will be just as good as you are praying to the same god for the same goal in good luck and great wealth.


            The above shrines and temples are focused for those who wish to achieve the wishes that revolve around good luck in life and great wealth surrounding them at all times. These shrines and temples are the top 5 most popular ones in Bangkok famous for their powers on wealth and business wishes granting. Although, we believe that there are many more that are probably just as great as the shrines above, the only difference is that they are not as famous. Furthermore, the most important factor in whether your wishes come true, not only depends on which god or what temple you pray to, but it also strongly depends on how hard you work to achieve those goals in life along with how far you are willing to go in order to achieve the wishes that you make surrounding every aspect of your life, not only wealth and luck but also your health, happiness, love, and prosperity. The most important doings is that while you are working hard and achieving your dreams, don't let darkness take over you and always base what you do on the principle of good faith and good doings for both your personal decisions in life and also in you businesses or wealth based decisions. Another good factor to benefit your life that is based on belief is to carry with you a good Buddhist Amulet at all times, as a good amulet will benefit you in many ways including good luck and great wealth. Plus, if you pick the amulet that you feel a connection with, then there is also a high opportunity that the amulet will also protect you from outside harm and eliminate negative energy of the people you meet everyday helping you with the power of enhancing your charm.