1. Thai Silk

            Thailand is famous for its silk, ever heard of the legendary Jim Thompson, Even he fell in love, so much so that he decided to build his history here in Thailand on the silk business. Thai silk is so Unique in its look and the creation process is special that it is a must buy product that you need to take back home. The workmanship and the history that each piece of silk fabric holds is a value that will be loved by everyone you give it to. 



2. Thai Ceramic

            Thai Ceramic artisans are experts at their craft. These are the people that you want to have their products in your hand. The most famous ceramic piece is the Bencharong Porcelain. This type of porcelain has the designs of colourful geometric and beautiful flower patterns on them. It is created by using the base as white ceramic, then painting every little detail by hand and gazing over the top with fire. The craftsmanship on these ceramics is incredible and each piece is made in Thailand and by That artisans, by purchasing a piece you are not only receiving top quality handmade porcelain, but helping Thai artist be able to make a living out of their artwork. 



3. Thai gems and jewelry

            Thailand is rich of gems and handmade jewelry. Thai authentic jewelry is handmade from artists who are experts and trained in jewelry making. The recommended jewelry to buy is Old Thai silver and Thai gems. THai silver will darken into beautiful colors after a year of use and will stay that color forever, and the shine from the silver can be brightened up just by using dish wash soap to renew it every once in a while. Thai gems also carry high value and is very unique, when you are wearing authentic Thai jewelry, not only does it look magical and beautiful but it also represents the culture and art of Thailand.




4. The Famous Muay Thai boxers

            These boxers are a must to buy when you come to Thailand. They represent the art of Muay Thai which is Thailand's national martial arts. These boxers are so iconic that you can see them in almost every market that is popular amongst tourists. Every member in you family will love these boxers, especially the young ones. Apart from how cool they look they also are super comfortable!



5. Buddhist Amulets

            The belief is that these amulets hold special powers that will benefit those who own them in positive ways, each amulet holds different powers depending on who created them and the intention when making the amulets. Many believe that the monks who created these amulets have special powers. Some makes are so famous and have used the time in their life to create a long collection of amulets to the people, after they have passed away their followers or their temple have continued to produce amulets within their name as it is believed that even their name holds power to benefit your life. Some people swear by the power of the amulets that the have, there are many stories of people regaining full health after praying to their amulet or those who have regained fortune after a business failure when having an amulet in possession and even those who thank the amulets they have for the long love and family life that they have . The most popular amulets holds the powers of fortune, charm, love and health. Another excellent reason to start collecting amulets is that the value of amulets unlike stock prices will always rise as time goes on, the really popular amulets price rises at least 10 percent annually, so there is really nothing to lose when if you are doubting whether or not to start buying amulets, this added to the fact that they can help your life improve in many ways is a good enough answer to make you purchase the amulet you are interested in. A good advice would be to make sure that the amulet you are purchasing is authentic, as fake amulets might not be made by the monk that you think made it and the powers within is not guaranteed, the safest and best way is to purchase from a reputable seller with good backup. 


            In this article, we have gathered the Top 3 models of Buddhist Amulets that we have filtered to be the best choices for souvenirs. The powers of these amulets each make the best match to help in a wide range of goals focusing on your life overalls.