Srinakarin Train Night Market

            The first zone of the market is starting from the corner that you turn in to the lane from the road. It has restaurants and chilling hang out bars which will be opening in the evening.  Next is the Plaza zone, which consists of all styles of fashion clothing especially the indie street style. Then when you walk in further you will see the intersection between the food zone, market zone and warehouse zone. The warehouse zone is a very interesting zone to walk around. They have fashion clothing, vintage furniture, and classic imported antiques. Also, popular barbers with a long queue and food and drink shops along. The shops here are quite stylish like the shop ‘Rod’s’, it is decorated with sparkling lights and beautiful old cars parking inside like a museum. You can take picture there as much as you want but do not touch them.

            Let’s get to know what food shop is a must try! 19 Burger is a food truck style of food shop. They have burgers, kebabs, and hotdogs. Moreover, these menus are halal food! If you come to visit, you would see a long queue which a sign of the tastiness and yes, this shop will not disappoint you. The chicken kebab will be fresh cooked and made there in the price of 49 ฿.  Another food shop that you should not miss is this yummy ‘Monster Shrimp’ seafood shop.  There is several of seafood set for you to choose starting from the shrimp set, clam set, New Zealand mussel set, squid set, or lobster set. Also, you can order a combo set which is a combination of the set we had just mentioned then you will get to choose the sauces and the spiciness. Finally, you can just get wait at your seats and they will serve you very soon.

            Location:  Srinakarin Rd.  Khwaeng Nong Bon, Khet Prawet, Bangkok 10250

            Open Days:  Plaza Zone opens on Tuesday until Sunday. Market Zone opens on Thursday, Friday and weekends.

            Open Hours: 5PM-1AM

            Contact: 081-8275885, 086-1267787, 081-7328778

Kaset-Nawamin Train Night Market

            Inside of the Kaset-Nawamin Train Night Market is still keeping the concept of vintage just like the Srinakharin and Ratchada branches. This Train Night Market has divided the zones into 2 zones. First is the market zone which is distributed by many vendors and shopping stalls for us to enjoy walking and buying clothing, appliances and collective antiques. Another is the container zone; this zone has many kinds of shops like cafés, restaurants and chilling bars. This is an incredible place for hipsters.

            Location: Prasert-Manukitch Rd, Nawamin, Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10230

            Open Days: Thursday – Sunday

            Open Times: 5PM – 1AM

            Contact: 092 359 8877, 092 359 7117, 092 331 9977

Ratchada Train Night Market

            For the ones who want to shop around and buy something delicious to eat, there are many ways to get here. Remember that every public transportation that pass Esplanade Ratchadapisek Shopping Mall can all bring you here. The most recommend way to come here would be by the MRT to the Thailand Cultural Centre Station and go to the exit way 3 which will bring you to the Esplanade Ratchada. Go inside the Esplanade until you get through the back door then you will see the Train Market.

            The highlight that you will spot in this Train Market is the crowded people surrounding the drink shop and the Thai name of the shop can be translated to “Men Selling Water”. Why are there so many people? Well, the style of him making the drink is not ordinary. This shop is at the front on the right of the live music.

            Location: Ratchadapisek Rd. Khwaeng Din Daeng, Khet Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400

            Open Days: Everyday

            Open Hours: 5PM-1AM

            Contact: 092-713-5599, 092-713-5577, 092-685-7979