However, according to the treatise study of lucky gemstones, the fortune colors are classified in various categories. Today we will be presenting about the gemstone that is prohibited to wear in each day of birth because the gemstone will bring bad luck and it is “unfavorable” for the owner.



            In some belief, they believe that Sunday is a day which has the god of light and the god of heat as the guardian. Therefore, the favorable gemstones are likely to be the shade of red and orange. On the other hand, the color of the gemstones that will bring bad luck to this Sunday owner is the gemstones with the color of coolness which are blue and light blue such as blue tourmalines, blue topaz, sapphire, turquoise, and lapis.



            According to the Greek and Roman mythology, they believed that Monday guardian god was Athena.  She is the goddess of intelligence and the yellow shade of the moon is the shade of coolness which is the also the symbol of Monday. Thus, the color of the gemstones that may bring bad luck and is unfavorable to Monday is the shade of heat like red such as ruby and garnet.



Since Tuesday is another strong day which has the god of war as the guardian. Consequently, the unfavorable gemstones that will bring bad luck to the Tuesday owner is the light shade of white, yellow and cream color such as diamond, pear l, topaz and citrine.


Wednesday (Daytime)

            Daytime Wednesday is considered a bright day. People that are born in the morning are likely to be happy, wealthy and lucky but this does not mean that there is no misfortune for daytime Wednesday. Pink and purple gemstones such as amethyst and rose quarts which are gemstones enhancing love and intelligence are the unfavorable gemstone for this day. The properties of these color gemstones seems to be good but for Wednesday people that are already charming, it may cause them to be greedy  or even a womanizer.


Wednesday (Nighttime)

            Nighttime Wednesday is known as the day of “Rahu” or the darkness day. The people who are born on this day are likely encounter fatalities, bad luck, obstacles and darkness in their lives. Sometimes these situations lead them to the wrong way. Because of this, in choosing gemstones, the nighttime Wednesday people must consider the ones that are related to enhance their day of birth first for the best solution. They should also avoid colorful or gemstones in the shade of bright yellow such as topaz and citrine.



            People that are born on Thursday, the day of teacher from Thai belief and Indian belief, must not wearing black, grey and brown gemstones especially jasper, smoky quartz and black rutilated quartz.



            The people that are born on Friday are considered as people of the charming star. It has the bright shine of the goddess of love and beauty as their guardian. Therefore, they have luck in love relationship and always charming. However, they might find some bad luck, so their unfavorable gemstones are the shades of smoky ash colors such as moonstone.



            Saturday is considered the day of leader. They are likely to be strong and confident but sometimes they can also make mistakes. The unfavorable gemstones for Saturday are the colorful ones such as the green emerald, chrome diopside and aventurine.


            Overall, no matter what, we should keep in mind and take in account of “being good” because being good and doing good is the best way of getting a shield that protects us from unfortunate things and bad luck.