This includes, 

            1. Kaya Nupassana: This is using your knowing to control your body movements, this includes every day movements such as arm movement, leg movement, sitting, eating, drinking, and much more that goes on with your body.

            2. Wettana Nupassana: This is the using your knowing to control your heart, what this is referring to is not your thoughts, it is the control of your deep feelings within that occur with or without you knowing, meaning that it is one of the hardest to realize of and take control. This includes, feeling sad, depressed, hurt, joyful, and more.

            3. Jitta Nupassana: This is using your knowing to control your soul mental side, such as the thoughts that you have throughout the day whether good or bad, a sign of control of the freedom that sometimes takes you to destinations that you do not want in your mind and controlling such thoughts with the knowing within yourself.

            4. Dhamma Nupassana: This is using your knowing to be able to understand and follow religion values, such an example is trusting in all of your 6 senses where if you see, then you must judge also with hearing of the situation around what you see, and to at the same time use your speech wisely along with the other senses remaining within you. Your senses is what you have with you at all time, they are what translates the outside world into your mind and the reception of your soul, therefore before having an opinion of something, remember to co-operate all of your senses for the realization of truth and trusting in your senses and not others that try to influence your knowing, as their senses are different from yours.


            When you are able to control these 5 elements, the results by using your knowing in the right way is gaining peace inside of your mind that is made up of peace and stability to your soul, the next step is the knowledge that will arise from such knowledge gained from Vipassana. Those with a stable mind and knowing will understand with true knowledge.


            Now, the main question we all have in our minds after knowing what Vipassana and how do we exercise Vipassana is what are the benefits of Vipassana? The benefits of Vipassana can totally improve and help change your life gradually into a better way. Not only will your mind and body be at peace, you will also have a better form of thinking infused with a more knowledgeable aspect towards the world. Expanding from this point is that your daily life choices will be much clearer in terms of processes of thoughts and decisions. The benefits of Vipassana can be concluded into 3 main benefits. Beginning with the first benefit is clearing away sadness and improving happiness, what Vipassana will do is help you to find ways to find ways of getting rid of negative and bad thoughts which result in sadness. Not only is the sadness a bad part in your daily life, but in the long run it discourages you of taking opportunities and chances as it creates fear in your mind. Vipassana will also improve your happiness, this is due to the control that you have of your mind, now after knowing how to manage your mind there is space of happiness and you tend to appreciate the positive side of life more when you are not concerned about the negative side. Happiness includes all forms, from the little details in life, work life, and it will also make you look forward to new days in life with high hopes and help you look at the world through positive thoughts when problems arise. The next benefit is Vipassana makes you smarter, how this works is when you use your knowing of the world it helps you see the truth that is not disturbed by other people or negative impacts that are made up from inside of your own mind. With a clear mind, you will be able to understand things easier and quicker. Work will be much more enjoyable because you will have a shorter time figuring out each process in your work. The last benefit is destroying the darkside in yourself with developing more on the good side. What this means is that because you are able to manage the negative thoughts, this also takes away the dark side in all of us that comes up when we are sad or in anger. With no dark side, there are areas that you will develop your good side naturally, this will make you more compassionate and kind to yourself and others around you, helping to make the world a better place for all. If you have children, then your children will follow from your acts, later in the future benefiting society and making society better for all. If you enter into the way of Vipassana, the top benefit and best achievement in life is Nippan, which is that after this lifetime, it is believed that you will not enter into the cycle of Birth, Pain, and Death anymore, meaning a true freedom finally and once for all.


            Thailand is one of the countries that is rich in cultural and religion aspects. There are locations here that practices Vipassana and welcomes you to join them, with the goal of helping people find peace and knowledge within themselves. These locations all have professionals who have practiced Vipassana their whole lives and are ready to lead you the right way into the practice of Vipassana. In this article, we will introduce you to the top two locations to practice Vipassana in Thailand. All of these locations have different characteristics and style of teaching and practicing Vipassana but they all have one common goal which is to achieve peace within oneself and to attain a higher level of knowing, knowledge, and understanding


Wat Ampawan - Luang Phor Jarun – Singburi

            This is a temple that accepts anyone who has interest in finding peace, the temple is open everyday all year round in practicing Vipassana, meaning that you can come all year round at any time you want to this temple. There is no need to register forward before you come, only to come before 4 pm one day before the day you wish to start your practice in Vipassana. For those who are first timers there are experienced monks and teachers ready to teach you the basics, for foreigners there are also english speakers to truly and properly teach you at this temple. The temple itself does not charge any costs at all, including free stay and meals throughout the period that you are practicing Vipassana at the temple. Furthermore, if you do not have white clothes that is used in practicing Vipassana, they have some for you to borrow without charge. Those who want to practice at this temple can choose to practice for three days or seven days. If you want to start at the same time as others, then for three days you have to come on fridays, for practice starting from friday, saturday, and sunday. For those who wish to practice for seven days, then to come on the day that is one day before the monthly Buddha day. But for those who wish to come on other days, this is also welcomed, where you can register for at least three days of practice but no more than seven days of practice.


            In order to practice Vipassana without any interruptions or issues, what you should bring along with you is,

            1. Your ID, or Passport.

            2. Personal belongings such as toiletries and clothing, but no jewelry.

            3. Practice clothing: for Male this is long white pants, and short sleeved white shirt. For Female this is long sleeved white shirt and Long white skirts, the length should be ankle wise.

            4. To have one goal only which is to practice Vipassana and find true peace within.


            This is because Luang Phor Jarun will provide you with free stay and whatever is required, without any charge, the only condition is for you to truly practice and stay on your goal. For any further questions the contact number for the temple is, 031-5105-98 and 098-469-0597.