Also, the power of the amulet is better to be transmitted and kept in a material that is worthy of its powers with the goal to care for the amulet as best as you can. 


            1. Worn on a necklace: The Buddhist Amulet can be worn on a necklace on a regular day. The amulet worn this way is perfect for a casual day, as it is comfortable, can be adjusted and the necklace itself can be chosen according to your personal style. The popular necklaces for amulets include Gold, Fabric, and coconut shell. This is the most popular option as it is the easiest to wear, the necklace does not require any extra effort and can be worn to match any outfit. Furthermore, the necklace is so comfortable that many wear it and never take it off, if you prefer to keep the amulet on you at all times then this option is the best way to wear and carry your amulet. The important factor for the amulet to efficiently work in all the ways that you carry it, is to believe in the power of the amulet, this is crucial as if you do not believe, then there is no faith for the amulet to hold on to. To Start believing is to give the positive energy into the amulet and the power of your Will, this works as the main boost for the amulet to properly enhance your life. Furthermore, the amulet in all cases need to be taken out and worshipped or pray to, as we know that there is power within, we need to show the respect towards the amulet that is holding the higher power. 


            2. Worn on a brooch: This is a simple way to wear your Buddhist Amulet on a simple Brooch that is usually attached onto your chest in front of your shirt. This option is the best option if you want to represent the amulet that you're wearing, or if you are also using it enhance your clothing on the certain day. With this style of carrying the amulet, it is best for formal days or days that you are willing to put in more effort than normal. There are many designs that can be made on an amulet brooch, the design begins with the frame that you choose, where in this case you can also choose to include natural stones such as emeralds, sapphires, or diamonds to help decorate and enhance the beauty of the amulet even more than it already is. 


            3. Carried in your bag: For women, bags are one of the most important accessories and pride possession that we have. They go with us everywhere and all of our important belongings is in there. Not only is the bag an accessory that can represent who you are and the style that you represent, it is also a investment item if you choose to collect Brand Name bags. The Bag also has a belief that is attached to it, this is the belief on the color of bag that is chosen from the day of your Birth. By using the right color, you will attract more money into the bag, and also bring in good luck. If the bag chosen is in the wrong color, then it can cause your bag to be short of cash, and attract negative energy creating bad luck in businesses and career achievements. It is believed that for those who are born on Sundays the color for you is Green and Brown. For those who are born on Mondays the color for you is Brown and Purple. For those who are born on Tuesdays the color for you is Pink and Orange. For those who are born on Wednesday the color for you is Brown and Light Green. For those who are born on Thursdays the color for you is Red and Orange. For those who are born on Fridays the color for you is Blue and Pink. Lastly, for those who are born on Saturdays the color for you is Purple and Blue. By choosing the right color of your bag, it will help enhance the power of the amulet. Don’t forget to use an frame while the amulet is in the bag and place the amulet in a position that is safe, free from harm and scratches from your belongings in the bag, as we need to make sure that the amulet receives the respect that it deserves.