The weather and seasons in Bangkok are simply hot of the three seasons mentioned above. The hot season in Bangkok begins in March to June which is actually really hot. The weather can be at 32 degrees Celsius and rise up to 38 degrees! The rainy season begins in July to October. The weather would be a bit cooler at approximately 30 degrees and hotter, but it would be a bit humid. The fact that it is rainy season, it does not mean it would rain all day or rain every single day. It usually rains 1-2 hours and you might find some lucky dry days in this season. This is considered the ‘Low Season’, largely due to the weather in Bangkok. Hotels and excursions are often discounted up to as much as half price during this period. Although it is still hot, the city is prone to bouts of rain, which is not recommended if you've come for a beach holiday. However, the threat of rain in Bangkok is well counteracted by the long list of indoor activities including entertainment complexes, shopping, aquariums and temples. Typical characteristics of this monsoon include light rain to no rain. For the cool season, it starts in November to February. Thai people call it their winter but for cold country visitors, this can just be cool. It is the ordinary cool of 26 degrees to hotter in the daytime. The temperature can get very low to 20 degrees in some of the coolest week of the year.


            Well, what do you need to bring for visiting this tropical country?  When you travel abroad of course the clothes, accessories and other necessary equipment are the things you have to bring, but we are going to suggest the suitable ones for the weather in Bangkok.


            First of all, for the clothes, we would you like you to bring light summer clothes made of cotton, silk or other light fabric you prefer. For women, there are so many options for you to wear like T-shirts with shorts, loose pants or mini- skirts, long dresses, short dresses, button up blouse, or either denim shorts and trousers. For the men are simple clothes, wearing T-shirts or shirts with a pair of knee length shorts can take you to almost anywhere. In addition, trousers and long sleeves top can be able to wear in the shopping center, cinemas, or nightclub due to these place have air-condition. Also, wearing light sweater or cardigan is highly recommended for while travelling or walking outside, it can protect the sun and urban pollution.