The story of the ancient legend of Haripoonchai City or Lumpoon, a northern province of Thailand. The city was completely built by the ascetic. Once, constructed the ascetics had to consider a suitable choose ruler for the city. Finally, they concluded that, Pricess Jamthevi (Charma Dhevi), the daughter of the king of " Lawa Pura or Lopburi Province", was the most suitable person to take over the throne. Therefore, they invited Jamthevi (Pricess Charma Dhevi ) to be the ruler of Haripoonchai City, and thus she became the first ruler of this city.
The legend story that every town along the way that the princesses had passed became peaceful and the residents in a good environment because of her prestique. The decision of ascetics to choose her as the ruler was corrected absolutely. During the ceremony to establish her as the first ruler of Haripoonchai City,
The ascetics created and blessed many amulets model to protect the ruler and the city, including with all people."Phra Vasudhep and Phra Sutunta had brought all the amulets they created to fill an ancient pagoda of Wat Mahawan, which was the temple built by Princess Charma Dhevi. Around thousand years later, both the temple and the pagoda were destroy all amulets remained in underground were they had been buried all that time ago.
First discovered during the earlier episode of King Rama 5 when a pagoda from Wat Mahawan.Thai people, they have superb buddhist power, especially magical effect in life protection and avoid from dangers. They are made of clay and the oldest once are over 1,250 years old.This amulet has over thousands of history and legend.