In Thai, the unlucky year in each year that takes place in the Zodiac signs are called Pee - Chong, now what this means is that there will be an absolute Pee - Chong which will affect 100% in all aspects of your life by the cycle of that year, and then there's those who are not absolutely affected 100% but will have a part of their life influenced in a negative way by the Zodiac Year which are in the category of Pee - Chong - Ruam, meaning unlucky together.


This includes,

            Pee - Kuk, which means that you have the same Zodiac sign of that year.

            Pee - Heng, which means that you will be affected by your Karma you were born the Zodiac sign of the Ox. and

            Pee - Pua, which means that you will be affected in your health if you were born in the year of the Goat.


            The main influence on this year based on the Chinese Zodiac Belief is that out of the five main elements of the Dog. The Earth element will be the main factor affecting the other Zodiac signs. Because the Earth is the ground that we stand on, the year is believed to bring a stability and grounded factor to the lives of the people on earth. A good way that we can take this information in, is to take it as a gift to live our lives in this year as if we can try to be more attached to earth and try to find a calmness to at least one aspect of our daily lives so that we can feel more attached to nature and become one with the earth.


            For the years who have a lot of speed within themselves that can be seen through the personality of each person belonging to these Zodiac signs such as the Goat, Dragon, and Rooster. It is a year to try and take it easy and flow with the year of the Earth Dog, as taking things at a high speed may not interact well with the groundedness of this year.


            For the years that are attached to the aspect of wealth and those who base their success and happiness on wealth such as the Rat and Pig. This is a good year for you as there is a positive energy towards the wealth factor for those who were born in these years.


            Those who were born in the year of the dog, to balance out Pee - Kuk, there is a positive side where opportunities will make its way to those who were born in the year of the dog. In this year, you will have many rare opportunities or circumstances open up to you, try to accept them even though you are not sure whether or not you should do so. It can possibly take your life up higher than you are right now. Even better, there will be a higher chance for those who are single and born in the dog year to find love in this year, where they will come into your life and likely more than one person will be offering there love for you, choose carefully as you may never know what you left behind. Dog year personalities include being very hardworking, well mannered, and sincere. Use these positive personalities to the opportunities that will open up to you in this year of the Earth Dog.


            The important belief that follows this is that you were born in one of the Zodiac signs mentioned above it is important for you to not enter any funerals, if you have to enter a funeral than you must wash your hands and splash your body with clean water before entering into your own home after the funeral. If you do not follow this process than you might be affected with bad luck  that can draw in illness or affect your business in a negative way.


            In the end, whether this Zodiac year is kind to you or not, the most important factor is for you to live life carefully through everyday life and try to be the best you can be in the version that is truly yourself. Don’t hurt other people unless it’s for your own protection. The beliefs that are mentioned above are to be taken as a guideline on how to live through the year happily. The Chinese Zodiac Signs have been followed from the olden days and are still in strong belief till today making it a trustable guideline throughout your year.